BRS Philosophy

Brownfield redevelopment is too often mismanaged, leading to frustration and costly delays as both local officials and developers resolve issues including environmental contamination, funding acquisition and community concerns. At Brownfield Redevelopment Solutions, Inc., we manage the process efficiently, avoiding these setbacks proactively while ensuring a successful and seamless result.

Brownfield projects are complex and costly. But we believe each site, regardless of its size, has revitalization opportunities. Our approach forges public and private partnerships, identifying and addressing funding, design and community concerns associated with contaminated property redevelopment. This approach tailors a site-specific redevelopment plan, garnering highly successful outcomes.

BRS Inc. advances projects through ribbon cutting with services including:

  • Public funding, grant and loan identification, writing and management
  • Brownfield program technical assistance and support
  • Environmental assessment and remediation management
  • Planning document development
  • Brownfields Site Inventory Services
  • Community Outreach
  • Training