Randall R. Baum, L.L.A.

As a Licensed Landscape Architect and Project Manager with BRS, Inc., Randy Baum assists municipal clients and redevelopers with parkland project plan development, consultant selection, and supervision and construction contract oversight. Mr. Baum has identified, obtained, and managed over $16 Million in New Jersey Green Acres, and other Federal, State, and local grant funding for large scale capital improvement projects; building public consensus and support via aggressive community and stakeholder outreach; administering and managing grants; coordinating various Federal, State, and local regulatory agency approvals; and contractor management. Funding for the projects was obtained through various state and federal agencies as well as philanthropic foundations and required strict adherence to funding parameters from meeting the application criteria through construction oversight and fiscal reporting.

Mr. Baum is an accomplished park and recreational facilities designer with over 30 years’ experience in the private and public sectors and has a background in Civil Engineering and Architectural Restoration. He has provided design input and construction management for various historic buildings and structures within the City of Trenton parks including: the c. 1912 Comfort Station and the c. 1860 Cottage within Cadwalader Park and the c.1932 Marine Terminal Seawall at the Delaware River as well as streetscape and public plaza improvements. Mr. Baum has significant experience with site plan review, providing design review, input and comment/testimony for over 100 development plan submissions for the planning/zoning boards.

Mr. Baum holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Landscape Architecture from Cook College, Rutgers University and is a Licensed Landscape Architect (LLA).

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