Funding Resources

A multitude of public funding is available for eligible projects. BRS has expertise in identifying, obtaining, and managing federal, state, and local grants as well as other financial resources. When searching for appropriate grant opportunities, the eligibility of the applicant, the project, and the activities, the project timeframes, and how those timeframes fit into grant cycles must be considered.

BRS can help communities and organizations develop a strategy for the use of grant funds and for maximizing funding eligibility. This may include recommendations on ownership and potential partnerships. In addition, changing the timing of property exchange may allow for grant opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible. An effective strategy should also maximize liability protections, such as ensuring that due diligence is conducted appropriately.

Examples of funding available for brownfield projects are provided below. This is not a comprehensive list but is an indicator of the breadth of opportunities available. Funds may be targeted directly toward brownfield redevelopment, or they may be tied to specific aspects of the project, such as the end use or construction. Thinking broadly about the funding needs of a project will ensure that the grantee maximizes the use of grant funds by matching eligible activities in the most effective manner.