What is the Brownfield Incentive Grant (BIG) Program?

The New York City Brownfield Incentive Grant (BIG) Program is a collaboration between the New York City Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation (OER) and the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), and is run by Brownfield Redevelopment Solutions, Inc. (BRS), which acts as the Grant Administrator. The BIG Program provides an easy and flexible way to reduce the cost of brownfield redevelopment in New York City. Grants are available throughout the development process, from the earliest stages of information gathering through environmental investigation and cleanup work. Grants are intended to make redevelopment on brownfield sites more competitive with clean properties.

What is a Qualified Vendor (QV)?

The BIG Program requires that all fundable services and activities be performed by a qualified professional who is registered as a Qualified Vendor (QV) with the BIG Program Administrator. The BIG Program encourages qualified professionals in a wide range of vocations to apply to become a QV, including environmental consultants, attorneys, registered architects, planners, grant writers, licensed insurance brokers, and non-profit service providers.

How do I become a Qualified Vendor in the BIG Program?

The application process to become a QV is a simple, non-competitive process with applications accepted on a rolling basis. In order to be approved as a QV, applicants must meet minimum qualifications, agree to terms of the BIG Program, indemnify the City and Grant Administrator, document proof of insurance, and certify the application.

What activities will the BIG Program fund?

More than 100 environmental and redevelopment activities and services are eligible for reimbursement through the BIG Program. For a comprehensive list and the technical specifications documentation see the links in the Qualified Vendor Info Center on the right.

Why should I become a BIG Program Qualified Vendor?

Becoming a QV enables your clients to receive grants for the services you perform at their brownfield sites, and your participation in the BIG Program is an excellent marketing tool.


Qualified Vendor Application Overview

Fill in Form/Org Information Section A: Firm/Organization Information
This section of the application requests general information about your firm or organization, including contact information and any aliases your firm or organization may be listed under. In addition, you will be asked to identify a Primary Contact for communications at your firm or organization.
Select qualified activities and services Section B: Qualified Activities & Services
This section provides an opportunity to identify all activities and professional services your firm is qualified to undertake.
Provide credentials Section C: Firm Qualifications and Experience
Individuals within your firm must meet the definitions of the professional service for which you are seeking Qualified Vendor status.  Consult the Technical Specifications document (available to download in the Qualified Vendor Info Center above) for a listing of all required credentials for each area of service.  You will also be asked to provide descriptions of professional experience associated with the eligible services and activities you identified in Section B; describe any licenses or certifications held by your firm; and provide three professional references.

Certify the Application

Section D: Application Certifications
A qualified member of your firm must review and sign the Application Certification Agreement, and that you understand and will comply with all BIG terms and conditions.

Execute Indemnification Agreement

Section E: Indemnification Agreement
A qualified member of your firm must also sign the Indemnification Agreement. In addition, for certain professions, proof of insurance is required. A comprehensive list of insurance requirements is at www.nycbrownfield.com. In these instances, an insurance specimen must be provided to the BIG Program Administrator (Brownfield Redevelopment Solutions - BRS) to keep on file.  For projects where site work is involved, EDC, OER, and BRS must be named on the insurance as additional insured.

Submit ApplicationApplication review and approved applicant placed on QV List

Final Step: Submit your Application
Please send the completed application via email to Grants@NYCBIG.info.  You are also required to send original signed Application Certification and Indemnification Agreement hard copies to the Program Administrator. Once the application is received it will be reviewed for completeness and compliance with requirements which takes 5-10 business days. You will receive an application approval/denial email when the review is complete. All approved QVs are placed on the publicly available Qualified Vendor list, which is posted and routinely updated at www.nycbrownfield.com.