Services BRS Offers

Inventory Services

Site Inventory Services

Brownfield Redevelopment Solutions, Inc. (BRS) brings strategic site inventory services to your organization, serving as a solid foundation for any successful planning and economic development program. We first conduct an extensive review of aerial photographs in addition to a comprehensive field survey to identify and quantify brownfield, vacant, industrial and commercial sites that are opportunities for redevelopment for community revitalization. This inventory becomes the basis for a dynamic planning tool, not just a static list of properties.

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Funding Identification Services

Brownfield Redevelopment Solutions, Inc. (BRS) identifies sources of grant funds – and prepares your community development funding applications to provide the resources necessary to redevelop land for housing, industrial, commercial and open space redevelopment projects. We add measurable value to all your development projects by bringing in the public sector financing.

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Community Outreach Services

Brownfield Redevelopment Solutions, Inc. (BRS) provides community outreach facilitated discussions and technical information dissemination to a broad audience including community groups, local officials and regulators. This service supports the land use and redevelopment decision making processes and develops a sense of ownership and involvement throughout the community, improving the final product.

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Grant Management Services

Brownfield Redevelopment Solutions Inc. (BRS) provides local governments with brownfield grant management and administration services necessary to successfully implement USEPA assessment, cleanup, and revolving loan fund grants.

We serve as grantee advocates helping local governments negotiate through the federal grant process and fulfill USEPA requirements to ensure compliance. BRS manages the USEPA funded brownfield programs in many communities.

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Brownfield Technical Assistance and Outsourced Staffing Services

Brownfield Redevelopment Solutions, Inc. (BRS) provides brownfield outsourced staffing to help organize and run your brownfield redevelopment program. Our staff delivers unique and broad-based skills including technical knowledge, compliance with regulatory requirements, oversight and management of environmental investigation, plus remediation management experience and understanding. BRS bridges the gap when developers, municipalities or other governmental entities lack dedicated, knowledgeable staff to successfully oversee environmental projects.

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Brownfield, Environmental & Economic Development Planning Services

Brownfield Redevelopment Solutions, Inc. (BRS) delivers superior environmental, technical and planning solutions for your next project.

Our environmental planning services include brownfield inventory development, open space plans, comprehensive economic development strategy plans, brownfield program action plans, municipal stormwater management plans, stormwater pollution prevention plans, redevelopment plans and area wide brownfield plans. BRS does not develop these plans in a vacuum, but develops them within the context of municipal operations, existing plans, community input and neighborhood needs. We strive to develop vital documents which guide municipal decision making, as opposed to creating a document which meets regulatory requirements, only to then gather dust on a shelf.

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Training Services

BRS provides a multitude of training services for a variety of clients. With expertise in the areas of grant writing, grant management, identification of funding resources, brownfields redevelopment, and brownfield program development and implementation, BRS offers a wide range of training options. BRS’s experience includes grant writing seminars at the US Environmental Protection Agency’s National Brownfields Conference, targeted one-on-one training to community-based organizations regarding the brownfields process, and large-scale, multi-day regional workshops on managing grants. BRS can design the training seminar that fits anyone’s needs, ranging from small individual presentations to large workshops; from an hour to several days.

BRS’s approach is comprehensive, meeting with clients to determine their goals for the training session and the target audience. BRS can assist with the logistics, advertisement, program development, and presentation portions of the training, as desired.

Urban Agriculture Support Services

BRS has developed a special scope of services designed to support the use of urban agriculture as a means to promote economic development and to address issues of community food security. BRS has extensive experience with urban agricultural projects, including the City of Newark, New Jersey’s urban agricultural initiative and Greensgrow Farm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Specialized services offered to promote and manage urban agriculture programs or other food systems development projects include:

  • Identification of and coordination with governmental agencies, non-profit, public sector organizations, and other important stakeholders of the local food system. This would ensure broad-based support and coordination for all urban agriculture and food systems development projects;
  • Research of city and state regulatory frameworks to identify regulatory and zoning issues that may impact urban agricultural development and provide recommendations regarding amendments to existing statutes to promote new projects;
  • Research funding opportunities and developing grant applications for urban agricultural ventures. Topics have included site environmental remediation, planning and financing, administration and operational activities, construction, and capital improvement;
  • Development of a business plan suited to the particular requirements of each venture;
  • Creation of site-specific work plans to address potential or existing environmental impact at the specific proposed urban agricultural facility. The work plan would outline the tasks to be conducted as well as identify potential professional and technical consulting services necessary to implement the tasks. A site-specific scope of work would also be developed that considered applicable funding requirements, planned reuse issues, and environmental regulatory requirements.
  • Development of a site-specific layout for the proposed farm, which would include technical specifications and scaled drawings for growing systems and food distribution areas. This planning would take into consideration environmental and structural issues particular to the proposed facility.