Better Environmental Solutions for Trenton (BEST)

Advisory Council Administration



Brownfield Redevelopment Solutions, Inc. (BRS) maintains and administers Trenton, New Jersey’s Brownfield Advisory Council, Better Environmental Solutions for Trenton (BEST). The collaborative group was launched in 1996 following the City of Trenton’s first USEPA Brownfields Assessment Pilot Grant award. The group includes a dynamic team of stakeholders consisting of local financial institutions, realtors, developers, attorneys, engineers, community leaders and representatives from local, county, state and federal agencies. The BEST Council meets regularly to address, articulate and define issues, providing advice and guidance to the City of Trenton. The BEST Council creates an annual Action Plan to summarize recommendations for improvements to Trenton’s Brownfield Program, presenting and conveying pressing items to the mayor.

BRS works to keep this long-standing committee relevant and active with annual brownfield site tours, public forums, and engaging guest speakers. In addition, BRS drafts comprehensive agendas, assists meeting facilitation, provides substantive updates for the Council, develops detailed meeting minutes, and works with the committee to produce the annual Action Plan.

Location: Trenton, New Jersey
Client: City of Trenton 319 East State Street Trenton, New Jersey 08608