Brownfield, Environmental & Economic Development Planning Services

Brownfield Redevelopment Solutions, Inc. (BRS) delivers superior environmental, technical and planning solutions for your next project.

Our environmental planning services include brownfield inventory development, open space plans, comprehensive economic development strategy plans, brownfield program action plans, municipal stormwater management plans, stormwater pollution prevention plans, redevelopment plans and area wide brownfield plans. BRS does not develop these plans in a vacuum, but develops them within the context of municipal operations, existing plans, community input and neighborhood needs. We strive to develop vital documents which guide municipal decision making, as opposed to creating a document which meets regulatory requirements, only to then gather dust on a shelf.

In addition to these broader planning initiatives, we can develop site specific plans in line with the environmental conditions and planned site reuse. BRS will conduct a market analysis to determine if the proposed development is feasible at target location, will examine known site conditions, and will offer a plan workable from the environmental, community and marketing perspectives.

Our approach to planning is:

  • Community outreach is an integral component
  • Neighborhood needs should drive the reuse
  • Investigation and remediation plans should be built with the intended reuse in mind
  • A strong planning framework can help set priorities
  • Land use planning is an integral piece of community revitalization