Jersey City, New Jersey

project photo

project photo

In 1997, the City of Jersey City, New Jersey was granted $200,000 in US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Brownfields Assessment Demonstration Pilot funding. This funding went unspent for more than ten years. In 2006, the city was awarded an additional $200,000. In 2007, an interlocal agreement designated the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency (JCRA) as the grant manager.

BRS was contracted by the JCRA to administer these grants. BRS then served as outsourced staff for the JCRA, and both grants were successfully implemented and closed out. The grants resulted in the investigation of more than ten sites.

BRS assisted the JCRA with a variety of tasks, including:

  • Assisted with determining the eligibility of potential grant activities and sites and acted as liaison between the JCRA, the state regulatory agency, and the USEPA for all grant matters;
  • Developed and populated an inventory database of nearly 100 sites in the Morris Canal neighborhood;
  • Reviewed and evaluated environmental investigation reports as needed; • Prepared all USEPA reporting requirements, including quarterly reports, forms, and requisite database updates;
  • Identified and applied for additional funding from various state and federal sources; and
  • Maintained the grant and extensive project budgets ensuring the funding is appropriately spent by the required deadline.

BRS has also developed successful grant applications on behalf of the JCRA. These applications have brought in an additional $1.2 million in USEPA Brownfields Cleanup funding for the Berry Lane Park project as well as millions in state Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund grants.