Plainfield, New Jersey

In 2006, the City of Plainfield, New Jersey was granted two US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Brownfields Assessment Grants, to be managed by the City’s Department of Economic Development and Planning. These grants included $200,000 for the investigation of sites contaminated with hazardous substances and $200,000 for petroleum-contaminated sites. BRS was contracted by Plainfield to assist with grant management. BRS has since played a continuing and expanding role in supporting Plainfield’s brownfields redevelopment efforts.

Services provided by BRS have included:

  • Assisted with the identification and prioritization of sites for investigation activities and screened the sites for eligibility under the grants;
  • Acted as liaison between the City of Plainfield, the state regulatory agency, and the USEPA for all grant and regulatory matters; Coordinated establishment of a pool of pre- qualified environmental consultants as well as procurement of environmental engineering consulting services;
  • Managed grant compliance activities, including preparing required USEPA and federal grant reporting deliverables, progress reports, and financial status updates;
  • Tracked grant and project budgets;
  • Conducted public notification and community outreach services;
  • Facilitated Plainfield’s Brownfields Advisory Committee, a group of brownfields stakeholders which meets quarterly to address issues related to brownfields assessment, remediation, and redevelopment and provides guidance to local officials;
  • Provided technical oversight services for site remediation projects, including review and evaluation of draft proposals, workplans, and reports prepared by environmental engineering consulting firms;
  • Provided funding identification and grant writing support, which resulted in additional awards of more than $600,000 site assessment and cleanup funding from USEPA and State of New Jersey sources; and
  • Provided management and technical services in support of Plainfield’s new state- designated Brownfield Development Area covering the community’s Central Business District .