EDA Grants

The US Economic Development Administration (EDA) offers several grants to municipalities for redevelopment projects with an emphasis on job creation. Among other grants, EDA offers Planning Grants as well as Public Works and Economic Development Grants, all of which are very competitive. To be eligible for a Public Works and Economic Development grant, the project must be listed in an approved Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), a document that includes information as required by EDA. BRS has developed compelling grant applications to meet EDA’s complex funding objectives.

BRS has obtained funding from the EDA for various clients. In particular, BRS obtained $160,000 in Planning Grant funds over a three year period for the City of Trenton, to fund the development of a CEDS and support environmental planning and brownfield redevelopment work throughout the city. BRS also wrote and administered a more than $6 million EDA grant in Trenton to develop an industrial park on Enterprise Avenue and to retire floodprone properties that are being developed as a recreational resource along the Assunpink Creek.