Camden Evergreen Site

US Environmental Protection Agency Remedial Action:
Evergreen Site, Camden, New Jersey





Operations on the Evergreen site in Camden, New Jersey were supposed to have been shut down in 1990 for safety violations. Nearly ten years later, officials learned that hazardous materials were still located on the abandoned site. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection then performed an emergency cleanup to remove hundreds of corroded drums and containers containing solvents and chemicals, including cyanide gas. The property owner was ultimately sentenced to jail time as well as probation for unlawfully discharging toxic pollutants into the sewer system and creating the risk of widespread injury by haphazardly storing chemicals.

Since the late 1990s, no additional remediation activities had occurred at the site, and it was used as a local dumping ground and as a refuge for homeless individuals. The on-site building eventually caught fire, only further adding to the community’s concerns about the state of the site.

BRS was contracted by the Camden Redevelopment Agency to assist with the implementation of the Agency’s brownfields program, which included attending Camden’s state-designated quarterly Brownfield Development Areas (BDA) meetings. At the North Camden BDA meeting, BRS recommended that the CRA submit Evergreen for eligibility evaluation under the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)’s removal action program. The USEPA then conducted extensive sampling on the site in order to determine its eligibility for a USEPA removal action. When the USEPA demolished the dilapidated building in order to make way for additional testing, the local community was elated that the neighborhood eyesore was removed.

BRS acted as a liaison between the CRA and the USEPA. Following the completion of all testing, the USEPA performed the requisite removal action, which included soil vapor gas extraction in a few local residences.

Location: Camden, New Jersey
Client: Camden Redevelopment Agency, 13th Floor, City Hall, Camden, New Jersey 08101-5120