Former RCA Building 8 Project





The former RCA Building 8 Project is the first market-rate condominium development in the history of the City of Camden. This project includes the conversion of a large-scale 10 story, 120,000 square foot manufacturing facility into 99 condominium units for sale and first-floor retail/commercial space.

Brownfield Redevelopment Solutions, Inc. (BRS) provided technical project management, and represented the interest of the Camden Redevelopment Agency (CRA) in the property’s environmental investigation and remediation.

Services include:

  • Providing technical expertise and guidance
  • Serving as the owner’s representative overseeing developer and environmental consultant’s investigation and remediation activities
  • Assisting the CRA by ensuring environmental agreements between the agency and developer were properly enforced and applied
  •  Interacting with the state regulatory agency to best represent the public property owner’s rights and maximize the liability protections afforded under state and federal law
  • Providing input to streamline the environmental approval processes
  • Identifying the need for and overseeing the performance of a risk assessment to ensure clean up standards employed in the building’s interior were effective in protecting worker and future resident’s health
  • Serving as communications liaison between the CRA and the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority to draw down on a $2 million USEPA Cleanup Grant
  • Securing, through an available state assistance program, additional $2 million in grant funds to complete clean up
  • Taking a creative approach with use of HDSRF funding to conduct building interior remediation as a result, the project is the first to access HDSRF remediation funding, over $1.5 million, in support of historic preservation

Location: Camden, New Jersey
Client: Camden Redevelopment Agency, City Hall, Suite 1300, P.O. Box 95120, Camden, NJ 08101-5120