Knox Gelatin Site





Environmental Investigation Oversight

Since the Eighteenth Century, the Knox Gelatin site in Camden, New Jersey has included industrial uses, serving as a large gelatin manufacturing plant, a ship yard, and a work base for road and roofing contractors. These industrial activities contaminated the site, which was investigated extensively for more than ten years. Despite this investigation history and the site’s prime waterfront location along the Delaware River Back Channel, the property sat idle for many years.

BRS was contracted by the Camden Redevelopment Agency (CRA) to assist with the implementation of the Agency’s brownfields program. Around this time in 2008, the North Camden community developed its North Camden Neighborhood Plan and Waterfront Park Plan. These documents were written based on input received at a series of public meetings and represent a community-driven vision for the future of North Camden. One of the priorities in these plans was the cleanup and redevelopment of the Knox Gelatin site. The vision for part this site included the creation of a linear park that will run along many waterfront properties in North Camden.

It was therefore evident that the Knox Gelatin site was a priority for the community. BRS subsequently oversaw the development of a land use planning report for the site, which outlined future infrastructure, subdivision, and permitting needs. BRS also managed additional site investigation activities. Due to changes in state standards and new long-term plans for the site per the Neighborhood Plan, previous environmental investigation data was reviewed and formed the basis for an updated environmental investigation strategy. BRS oversaw the development of this strategy, thereby paving the way for future cleanup activities.

Location: Camden, New Jersey
Client: Camden Redevelopment Agency, 13th Floor, City Hall, Camden, New Jersey 08101-5120